Nutrition tips

Sports bring a lot to everyday life, whether practised intensively or just for fun. They have the power to provide a healthy lifestyle, improve cardiac performance, and confer a feeling of well-being. They also help make better use of fats and strengthen muscle mass to support the skeleton thus favouring better posture.

As you can see, practising sport is essential for physical and psychological well-being. However, there are two major points to respect both in training and sporting events: nutrition and hydration.

Indeed, they must be suited to the pace and intensity of the sports practice. In these articles, you’ll find the answers to the questions that many sports enthusiasts ask themselves…

What are the basic nutrition principles for an athlete? How to combine hydration and sports performance?  And finally, what are the facts on nutrition during the competition period: before, during, after?

These tips can help you in your sports practice, but keep in mind that eating should always be enjoyable.