Drinking during an activity, an absolute necessity?

By Marion - OVERSTIM.s

Hydration is vital to the body, especially during physical activity because it is necessary to make up for sweat losses. Taking into account certain nuances, dehydration can be detrimental to the athlete and, everything must be done to avoid it. To gain more insight, here are answers to the questions you ask yourself.

What is the consequence of poor hydration during an activity?

Every hour, an athlete can lose an average of 1 litre of water, or even more depending on certain factors (waterproof clothing, environmental conditions, beginner or unfamiliar athlete). Inadequate hydration can then lead to a significant decrease in physical performance. Hence, it has been shown that a 2% water loss in body weight results in a 20% decrease in abilities. Dehydration by more than 4% could, in turn, reduce these abilities by up to 50%(1). Significant dehydration can also be the cause of muscle problems (cramps), digestive disorders (vomiting), heat stroke, or even behaviour or consciousness disorders. But…

Water, syrup or sports drink: What should you drink for optimum hydration?

While it is essential to hydrate, it is equally important to provide the body with energy. In fact, without energy, the body depletes its energy reserves and hypoglycaemia ensues. Therefore, drinking pure water during an activity is strongly discouraged as it does not represent any source of energy. As for syrup, it provides neither vitamins nor minerals and only provides quickly assimilated carbohydrates. On the other hand, sports drinks have the advantage of providing different sources of carbohydrates to provide gradual energy, vitamins and minerals essential for you to make up for sweat losses. ANTIOXIDANT HYDRIXIR drinks meet these criteria and are isotonic.

How can I properly hydrate?

There is no use emptying your drink bottle in one go: Proper hydration relies on regularity! You must drink right from the start of the activity, in small regular sips. It is recommended that you drink 1 to 2 mouthfuls of ANTIOXIDANT HYDRIXIR every 5 to 10 minutes, and this, right from the start. Be careful not to wait until you are thirsty to drink: The sensation of thirst is the signal indicating that dehydration has already set in and then it is too late!

Proper hydration relies on regularity!

One last tip?

Hydration is a daily concern, not only during an activity. Proper daily hydration minimizes the risk of injuries (tendinitis, muscle problems…) and facilitates recovery. Before an event, ANTIOXIDANT MALTO serves a dual purpose by optimizing your water reserves and ideally increasing your energy reserves. After the activity, the ELITE RECOVERY DRINK, given its combination of carbohydrates, proteins, BCAA* and glutamine recharge your energy reserves and accelerate muscle regeneration. Its high mineral content compensates for any loss during activity.

*BCAA = Branched-chain Amino Acids that help with muscle recovery.