The headache of the last meal before your event

By Manuel - OVERSTIM.s

In this article we will discuss an important aspect of diet: The last meal before your event. It is sometimes difficult to understand just how much energy you need for the activity you are planning: 80 km of trail, a half-marathon, 170 km of cycling or even yet an L format triathlon…

It would be a shame to spoil a physical preparation, perfectly carried out through weeks of rigorous training and a controlled diet because of a breakfast that remains on the stomach during the final event!

Here you will find tips to ensure a final balanced, energy-packed meal, rich in vitamins and minerals, in short the last ideal meal.

Schedule your last meal

Have you ever had to spend the night in a hotel before your event and did not know what to eat for breakfast? Although a croissant, bread and jam, orange juice and coffee are comfortable habits, they do not really provide the ideal diet strategy before an event.

  1. The first rule is to consume a last, complete and easy-to-digest, meal. It must therefore be planned in advance. If you have a competition nearby, make sure the pantries are full and that you will not be missing anything for D-Day.When you are competing away from home, it is even more important to plan your breakfast in advance. Your body will not forgive you for letting it run/swim/pedal on an empty stomach or with an unbalanced breakfast.
  2. The second rule to make sure to end your breakfast at least 2 hours before the start of the race. The best being 3 hours before the start in order for the muscles to benefit from all of the blood potential and that no digestive disorders appear.


A practical list of foods to avoid or restrict before your event

Breakfast should be as energy-packed and as easy-to-digest as possible, here is a non-exhaustive list of foods to avoid or restrict before a competition:

  • Excess jam, butter, honey or spread can weigh on your stomach. Be reasonable and limit yourself to normal amounts: Approximately 30g or 2 tablespoons.
  • For aficionados of savoury breakfast, cold meats, sausage and cheese must be consumed in very small quantities (maximum 20-30g) as these foods stay in the stomach for long periods of time.
  • Strong coffee, large quantities of coffee, very infused tea: These can cause digestive problems and accentuate dehydration during the event.
  • Foods rich in fibre such as nuts, hazelnuts, oat bran, oatmeal, wheat bran, wholemeal breads, unripe fruits, seeded fruit (passion, blackcurrant, redcurrant, raspberry, blackberries, quince, etc.)
  • Foods containing lactose such as cow or goat’s milk, yoghurt, butter, fresh cheese, etc.
  • Foods that can cause bloating: Chewing gum, sweets, water and fizzy drinks, etc.


GATOSPORT: The ideal last meal

Having come onto the scene a little more than 35 years ago and created by OVERSTIM.s, GATOSPORT is the ideal last meal before an endurance activity.

Thanks to its proven efficacy efficiency, GATOSPORT is a simple and practical solution to avoid mistakes before your race. It has many advantages over a classic breakfast:

  • It is highly energy-packed (+500 kCal per serving) and easy-to-digest to prevent intestinal problems during the race and to allow you to perform at your best.
  • It is portable and can be consumed up to 1 hour before the start due to its high digestibility. Therefore, you will benefit from a significant gain in sleep in order to properly rest the last night before your competition.

You are not at home, your competition takes place far from home, you do not know what you will have available near your accommodations or you have to get on the road very early to get to your competition? Think about GATOSPORT.


SPORDEJ: The non-cooking alternative that follows you everywhere

SPORDEJ is the counterpart to GATOSPORT in cream version. It does not require cooking and can, itself, be consumed up to 15 minutes before the start. Quick preparation, energy-packed (+500 kCal per serving) and easy-to-digest to support you every day.

Simply pour the desired quantity of SPORDEJ into a small bowl and mix with water. Ready in a few seconds, it provides you with a highly energy-packed and easy-to-digest solution to the dilemma of the last meal before your event.

SPORDEJ also supports you on a daily basis and would be perfect to consume:

  • Before a morning workout
  • Before a session during your lunch hour
  • After your work day, if you plan a workout in the late afternoon
  • Before a late workout, if you are struggling which the choice of a complete dinner or a simple snack