The benefits of honey for athletes

By Manuel – OVERSTIM.s

Honey is the natural sugar par excellence, made directly by bees from nectar. This golden-hued substance is harvested in hives, and is just ready to eat. Its composition varies depending on the environment in which the bees live – flowers, pines, trees, plants… Consisting of glucose, fructose and trace elements, you will discover how this sugar is the perfect ally for athletes!

Several studies attest to the effectiveness of honey for athletes

Comparative studies between water and a sports drink with acacia honey (the honey used in the Organic Energix gel) have shown that it is effective in maintaining sports performance (1).  This efficacy comes from the ingredients in acacia honey, which contains 29% glucose that can directly feed the muscles and be a quick source of energy during exercise. Additionally, it also contains 43.5% fructose which is a sugar that is more slowly absorbed as it has to pass through the liver before it can feed the muscles.

It is therefore this dual source of fast and slow carbohydrates that make honey an effective ally in maintaining athletic performance. Lastly, acacia honey is about 25% water. Its liquid form is very interesting for athletes because it is much easier to absorb during a sporting activity than carbohydrates in solid form.

Honey has proven its efficacy during a sporting activity due to its natural composition. Thank you bees!

The benefits of Organic acacia honey for athletes

  • Source of glucose, providing instant energy.
  • Source of fructose, gradually releasing energy during a sporting activity.
  • Moderate glycaemic index suited to prolonged sporting activities.
  • Effective digestion during sports practice thanks to its liquid form.
  • 100% Natural and Organic.

Different honeys for different glycaemic indexes

As mentioned in our article on the glycaemic index and load, it is important to aim for medium to high GI during a sporting activity. Fortunately, nature does things right, as honeys contain different glycaemic indexes depending on their composition. But why, you ask? Because they consist of a mixture of glucose (high GI of 100) and fructose (low GI of 20) in varying amounts depending on the honey.

Here is a table with the Fructose and Glucose contents of honey along with the varying glycaemic indexes:


TypeFructose (in 100g)Glucose (in 100g)Glycaemic index
Linden honey (heated38.5
Acacia honey43.529.253.0
Heather honey40.230.953.3
Chestnut honey39.624.453.4
Linden honey (not heated)37.033.355.9
Rapeseed honey37.938.964.0
Forest honey31.126.788.6


Spotlight on Organic Energix Gel by Overstim.s

The new lemon honey Organic Energix Gel by Overstim.s contains Organic acacia honey. Our gel has a GI of 58, close to that of acacia honey, so it’s moderate. Energy supply will therefore be gradual after taking the gel, so you can maintain your performance over a long distance.

The Organic Energix Gel also contains turmeric and spirulina, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. All seasoned with a touch of Guérande salt, which both enhances the flavours of honey and compensates for the loss of sodium associated with long-distance sporting activities. Its liquid texture makes it especially practical and effective to consume during a sporting activity.