Performance program

Performance program

Endurance mix + BCAA
38,50 €

Optimizes sports success


Weight 94 g / Price per 100 g : 40,96 €

In the same way as a competition without previous training leads in most cases to failure, a suitable diet before physical exertion is an essential condition for success.

The Performance program optimizes your sports success through different elements essential for physical activity.

This program allows you to build up maximum stores of micronutrients in the month preceding the competition for optimum efficiency on the D-day.


1 month supplementation:

  • In the morning: 1 tablet of BCAA + 1 tablet of Endurance-complex
  • At midday: 1 tablet of BCAA + 1 tablet of Endurance-complex
  • In the evening: 1 tablet of BCAA


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