Preparatory massage cream

Preparatory massage cream

150 ml tube
11,95 €

Prepares the muscles for an effort

  • Optimizes your warm-up
  • Helps limit the risks of cramps and muscle stiffness

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Shipped on Monday 13 July 2020
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Weight 150 ml / Price per 100 ml : 7,97 €

Before undertaking a physical effort, a light but tonic massage will help prepare your muscles and avoid injuries.

OVERSTIM.s Preparatory massage cream contains active components (arnica, harpagophytum, lavender,...) contributing to a proper muscle preparation as well as articulation comfort before an effort.

With its slight warming action, the OVERSTIM.s Preparatory massage cream will improve your peripheral circulation and will help prevent the risks of cramps and muscle stiffness, particularly when the weather conditions are tough.

The preparatory massage is a good complement to your warm-up which also helps start off the cardio-vascular "machine".

OVERSTIM.s Preparatory massage cream does not grease your clothes.

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The preparatory massage should be done before your warm-up.


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