Savoury Hydrixir

Savoury Hydrixir

450 g box
19,95 €

Savoury sports drink for long-distance efforts

  • Avoids sugar saturation
  • Provides carbohydrates (71%) and proteins (16%)
  • Naturally gluten-free


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Weight 450 g / Price per 100 g : 4,43 €

Salty Hydrixir allows avoiding sugar saturation or monotony. Its carbohydrate (71%) and protein (16%) mix provide maximum energy during long-lasting events.

Its creamy texture and its flavour make its use particularly agreeable.

Salty Hydrixir is ideally completed by the Salty Energix gel.

Savoury Hydrixir is naturally gluten-free.

 For 100 gFor 60 g dosis
Energy kcal/kJ1538 kJ / 362 kcal1120 kJ / 264 kcal
Proteins16 g12 g
Carbohydrates72 g52 g
of which sugars9,8 g7,1 g
Fat0,8 g0,6 g
of which saturated fatty acids0,2 g0,1 g
Fibres1,6 g1,2 g
Sodium1,7 g1,2 g
Salt4,3 g3,1 g
Vitamin B10,72 mg (65%*)0,52 mg (47%*)

* VNR = valeurs nutritionnelles de référence

Tomato :
Ingredients: maltodextrins (EU), soya proteins (emulsifier: lecithins (soya)), modified potato starch, powdered tomato 12% (tomato 99%, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide), acidity regulator: sodium carbonates, salt, flavouring, vitamin B1 (thiamin). Made in a factory which uses: egg, milk, nuts, celery, sulphites. In accordance with regulations, this product contains less than 20 mg/kg of gluten.


Dilute in still water and shake vigorously. Drink 5 to 10 cl regularly as from the start of effort, in order to avoid or to overcome sugar saturation.

Salty Hydrixir can be used alone or alternately with another Hydrixir flavour. As Salty Hydrixir does not contain preservative agents, the prepared fluid should be drunk on the same day.


  • For 0.6L: 4 measures
  • For 0.8L: 5 measures
  • For 1L: 6 mesures


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