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Marathon Pack

Running belt/bib holder

A selection of energy products for your marathon

  • Carbo loader before the race + energy and digest breakfast + 8 energy gels
  • Includes one Running belt / Bib holder
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The OVERSTIM.s marathon pack includes all the energy products to reach your goals. Special offer, only €45.90!

Preparing for a marathon requires regular training along with a suitable diet.

The OVERSTIM.s Marathon Pack will prepare you on the days running up to the competition, and help you to be at the top of your game during the race.


  • Increase your energy reserves with Antioxidant Malto.
    On the 3 days before the marathon, stock up on muscle glycogen, by drinking 150 g of Antioxidant Malto every day, dissolved in 1.5 L of water.
  • Make sure you’re at your best possible form at the start of the race by taking an easy-to-digest, energy-packed breakfast, with Gatosport.
    Take 1/3 to 1/2 a Gatosport up to 1h30 before the start.
  • Stabilise your glycaemia level while waiting for the start and prevent reactive hypoglycaemia brought on by stress with the Warm-up drink.


  • Each time you eat, take an OVERSTIM.s energy gel to give you regular energy and effectively support your muscle activity during the marathon. Drink 1 to 2 mouthfuls of OVERSTIM.s sports drink or water after taking the gel.
  • OVERSTIM.s energy gels provide concentrated energy, vitamins and minerals (magnesium, calcium, sodium…) all of which are required during a sporting activity, in a very small volume.
  • The liquid texture of the OVERSTIM.s energy gels makes them particularly pleasant to take during even intense activity, when it is sometimes difficult to consume food.

Why take 8 gels during a marathon?

During a prolonged sporting activity, the body's ability to absorb carbohydrates is estimated to be 60g to 90g per hour. The OVERSTIM.s energy gels contain about 20g of carbohydrates and are tailored to the optimal quantity a marathon runner can absorb during a competition. Taking OVERSTIM.s energy gels each time you eat (every 5 km) will help keep blood glucose levels stable throughout your marathon.
* Jeukendrup, A. (2014). A step towards personalized sports nutrition: carbohydrate intake during exercise. Sports Medicine, 44(1), 25-33.


High-performance running belt / race bib to carry all essential equipment (energy gels, smartphone, keys ...). This belt also features a hook system to attach the race bib.

Contents of the marathon pack: 1 Antioxidant Malto 450g, 1 Gatosport 400g, 1 warm-up drink 50cl, 2 Antioxidant gels, 4 Energix gels, 1 Coup de Fouet gel, 1 Red tonic gel, 1 running belt/bib holder


  • Increase your energy reserves over the course of the 3 days prior to the marathon: Drink 150g of Antioxidant Malto every day, dissolved in 1.5 L of water.
  • Breakfast (or the last meal before the race): 1/3 a Gatosport which can be eaten alone, or with water, tea or coffee.
  • Stabilise your glycaemia level: regularly drink, in small amounts, 1 x 50cl bottle of Warm-up drink dissolved in some water during the hour before the start.
  • Km 5: 1 tube of Antioxidant Gel + 5 to 10 cl of water.
  • Km 10: 1 tube of Energix + 5 to 10 cl of water.
  • Km 15: 1 tube of Energix + 5 to 10 cl of water.
  • Km 20: 1 tube of Antioxidant Gel + 5 to 10 cl of water.
  • Km 25: 1 tube of Energix + 5 to 10 cl of water.
  • Km 30: 1 tube of Energix + 5 to 10 cl of water.
  • Km 35: 1 tube of Coup de Fouet + 5 to 10 cl of water.
  • Km 40: 1 tube of Red Tonic + 5 to 10 cl of water.


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