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Elite Recovery drink

780 g
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Carbs, proteins and electrolytes for total recovery

  • Ideal during intense training periods
  • Proteins + BCAA + Glutamine to rebuild muscle
  • Carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores after a hard workout
  • Electrolytes (sodium, calcium, and magnesium) to restore electrolyte balance



Weight 780 g / Price per 100 g : 0,00 €

Elite Recovery Drink contains the right mix of protein, carbohydrates and electrolytes to replenish glycogen stores and rebuild muscle after a hard workout. Immediately after exercise, the body can absorb more energy than at any other time.

Elite Recovery Drink is a complete mix to take as soon as possible after finishing a sporting activity. The combination of high quality proteins and carbohydrates makes Elite Recovery Drink a rapidly absorbed beverage for one of the most effective recoveries.

The benefits of Elite Recovery Drink

Elite Recovery Drink helps you get the most out of your training and prepare you for your next session.
Its ingredients precisely meet the nutritional needs of athletes for an effective recovery, with:

  • high quality proteins with a complete amino acid profile (BCCA: leucine, isoleucine, valine) enhanced by the addition of glutamine.
  • vitamins and minerals to aid the recovery process.
  • carbohydrates for quickly reloading your glycogen reserves.

Nutrition facts for a 500 ml drink:
  • Carbohydrates (34 g)
  • Proteins (21 g)
  • BCAA (4 g)
  • Glutamine (5 g)
  • Vitamins B1, B6 and C
  • Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium
  • Bicarbonates

When should you drink Elite Recovery Drink?

Elite Recovery Drink should ideally be drunk as soon as possible after an intense workout or during major physical preparation, in order to aid your recovery and reduce the time needed for muscle regeneration between sporting activities.
Mix 60 g of Elite Recovery Drink with 500 ml your favourite plant-based drink (rice, almonds, etc.) or water. Shake vigorously and drink in small sips.

Rapid absorption for effective recovery

The combination of whey proteins and its carbohydrate complex makes Elite Recovery Drink a rapidly absorbed beverage for one of the most effective recoveries.

BCAA & Glutamine: the role of amino acids in recovery

Amino acids are the components of muscle protein. They are essential for recovery because they enable the muscle fibres damaged during the sporting activity to reconstitute themselves. Some amino acids are particularly useful, namely BCAA and glutamines. They play a major role in muscle recovery, improved resistance to effort and immune protection.

 For 100 gFor 500 ml of drink
Energy kcal/kJ1621 kJ / 382 Kcal979 kJ / 231 Kcal
Proteins35 g21 g
Carbohydrates56 g34 g
of which sugars54 g32 g
Fat2 g1,2 g
of which saturated fatty acids0,7 g0,4 g
Fibres< 1 g< 1 g
Sodium485 mg291 mg
Salt1,2 g0,72 g
Vitamin B10,9 mg (82 %*)0,5 mg (45 %*)
Vitamin B61,2 mg (86 %*)0,7 mg (50 %*)
Vitamin C65 mg ( 81 %*)39 mg (49 %*)
Calcium583 mg (73 %*)350 mg (44 %*)
Magnesium245 mg (65 %*)147 mg (39 %*)
Zinc6,5 mg ( 65 %*)3,9 mg ( 39 %*)
Bicarbonate800 mg500 mg
Bcaa6.7 g4,0 g

* VNR = valeurs nutritionnelles de référence


Dissolve ELITE RECOVERY DRINK in your favourite plant-based drink (rice, almonds, etc.) or water: pour in the dose of powder and fill with water up to the recommended volume.

Shake vigorously and take as soon as possible after the end of the sporting activity.

ELITE RECOVERY DRINK does not contain any preservatives and should be consumed on the same day it is prepared.


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Easy to drink after training
I?ve used Récoupération Elite for a few years now, I really like that compared to many recovery drinks it is not a thick milkshake, it is nice and light, the flavours are subtle and it feels like a reward after training. My favourite flavour is Lemon/Lime.
M Green
Yes, I recommend this product!